Divers éléments pour la synthèse d'images réalistes (written in french)
Christophe Schlick
Ph.D Thesis (Université Bordeaux I), November 1992 (12305 bytes) (858888 bytes)


The goal of realistic image synthesis is to create a computer generated picture that is virtually indistinguishable from the camera generated picture of the equivalent real scene. Such a process, slow and expensive, uses knowledge that comes from very different fields (numerical algorithmic, analytic geometry, signal theory, photometry, colorimetry and even biology). In the present work we detail, one by one, the different steps needed to create realistic pictures (geometrical and optical modelling, geometrical and optical enrichment, illumination, visualisation). For each step we propose, first, to create a unifying frame for the existing methods, and second, to give some new techniques either to facilitate the implementation of that step or to speed-up the corresponding computations. The final goal is to obtain a realistic image synthesis process that is faster and easier.

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