X-Splines : a Spline Model designed for the End-User
Carole Blanc, Christophe Schlick
SIGGRAPH'95 (Los Angeles, USA), p377-386, August 1995 (489858 bytes)


This paper presents a new model of spline curves and surfaces. The main characteristic of this model is that it has been created from scratch by using a kind of mathematical engineering process. In a first step, a list of specifications was established. This list groups all the properties that a spline model should contain in order to appear intuitive to a non-mathematician end-user. In a second step, a new family of blending functions was derived, trying to fulfill as many items as possible of the previous list. Finally, the degrees of freedom offered by the model have been reduced to provide only shape parameters that have a visual interpretation on the screen. The resulting model includes many classical properties such as affine and perspective invariance, convex hull, variation diminution, local control and C2/G2 or C2/G0 continuity. But it also includes original features such as a continuum between B-splines and Catmull-Rom splines, or the ability to define approximation zones and interpolation zones in the same curve or surface.

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