A Customizable Reflectance Model for Everyday Rendering
Christophe Schlick
Fourth Eurographics Workshop on Rendering (Paris, France), p73-83, June 1993 (152356 bytes)


This paper introduces a new reflectance model intended for realistic rendering, that includes three main features. First, it is fast and simple though it obeys to the main laws of physics (Energy conservation law, Helmholtz reciprocity rule, Microfacet theory, Fresnel equation). Second, it is defined by a small number of parameters which can be specified either intuitively or related to experimental measurements. Third, it is expressed by a formulation of varying complexity that can be customized according to the number of physical phenomena the user wants to include (isotropic or anisotropic reflection, homogeneous or heterogeneous materials, spectral modifications, surface self-shadowing).

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